BOOMBox Internet Radio Player

BOOMBox Internet Radio Player 1.0

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. You can download these alternatives:

Internet radio player for easy access to all kinds of music

This Internet radio player tries hard to please but proves too problematic to warrant praise. Maybe you can use this if you want a station search engine. View full description


  • Quickly finds a wide range of stations


  • Second install required
  • Opened stations in iTunes
  • Recording function didn’t work

Very good

This Internet radio player tries hard to please but proves too problematic to warrant praise. Maybe you can use this if you want a station search engine.

I downloaded and installed this nifty sounding tool with high hopes but from the word go things were obviously going to be a struggle. Trying to search for some music I liked, I was presented with zero results. So I tried a search for music I don't like, which again landed me with a dreaded duck egg result. So I had a look at the program webpage and saw that I wasn't alone with this problem. Actually there was a separate setup file that I had to download to fix this problem, which kindly offered to install loads of adware on my computer. I declined.

This time I managed to get a list of very similar looking radio stations, but on scrolling through them the song now playing told me that they were in fact individual stations. A strange and not very practical feature became apparent when trying to play stations. Hit the "Tune In" button and up pops my copy of iTunes to duly take care of streaming of channel!!

What's more, the now playing display is rarely right so it should be taken more as a general guide as to the type of music you are likely to hear.

A major feature of this program is the recorder, but unfortunately it don’t live up to its elaborate name: "Super Duper Fluper Recorder". During a two minute recording of a single track the software created nine separate files.

BOOMBox Internet Radio Player is a very promising idea but the execution of that idea is very rough around the edges, to say the least. I can recommend it as a radio station search engine but as a player and recorder it doesn't make the grade.

BOOMBox is a small program that quickly gives you access to thousands of online radio stations from country, to rap, to electronic, to pop. It comes with a suite of options to search methods to quickly find the station you’re looking for and displays what song the station is currently playing.

It also comes with its own Favorites database to store stations that fit your musical interest. The program also comes with one of the most advanced streaming audio recorders on the net. Allowing you to set when the program will stop, how it should cut the song, and advanced song change detection to keep each song in its own file.

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